“Rob Duquette is a friend of mine. Go to one of his concerts and without a doubt, he will be your friend too.

What can I say?  Rob lives and breathes music. Like me, he’s a kid at heart.  He brings out the best in children.

The songs he writes and sings, you are going to want to sing too. They teach but don’t preach. Some of them are simply fun.  You’ll surely be singing and dancing along. You will love the instruments he plays as well; he plays lots of them too.

You will not want the show to end.  But  when it’s over, you will leave the show with songs in your heart and a whole lot of love. Hey, maybe I  might even see you there.”

- Rick Charette

Singer, Songwriter, Educator, Performer of Children's Music

“Rob Duquette’s children’s music is an uplifting reminder that the world truly is a beautiful place. His songs are filled with fun, catchy lyrics that radiate with positive energy. Each time I hear one of his songs, I feel an irresistible urge to start dancing around like a five year old kid!”

- Michael J. Chase

Founder of The Kindness Center and bestselling author of The Radical Practice of Loving Everyone


KindKids music is a highly effective and interactive concert that helps children gain tools in how to make kindness a part of their lives. Songs with themes of gratitude, compassion, self acceptance, and emotional resilience are all a part of the show.  KindKids performers Rob Duquette and Amanda “Panda” Duquette bring families together to make music and mindfulness FUN! Rob plays everything from guitar and xylophone to ukulele and a frying pan! Amanda Panda brings out her friend “Muffy” on stage for songs like “Friends Forever.”  Families find a moment of mindfulness when chanting “I am Peaceful.” And KindKids music audiences dance till they drop with songs like “Superhero” and get healthy and silly with favorites like “Brush Everyday.”

School Assemblies

KindKids music by Rob Duquette, M.A., is a highly effective, fun and interactive assembly that targets bullying at its core and gets results by helping students gain tools in how to make kindness a part of their lives and thus making their school environment and our larger environment friendlier.  Through talking, singing and participation, topics are covered such as being kind to ourselves and others, being thankful, helping others, compassion, self acceptance, anger management, gratitude and emotional resilience. 

Now featuring Amanda Panda as part of the program, we offer songs for the younger students as well.  Amanda Panda creates a gentle mindful environment for creative energy to flow for everyone. Rob and Amanda have been working together to bring this exciting and important programming to students across the country. 


KindKids Music is booking now for the 2020 “I am Peaceful” tour. Dates and Locations TBA.

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You can also find CD’s at Bull Moose record stores in south portland and Scarborough Maine. 

Love is Contagious

"Love is Contagious" is Rob Duquette's 5 song debut children's CD. Rob takes his love and studies of the music from America, the Caribbean, Africa and elsewhere and blends it into his own unique and fun music with a message.

Play for Life!

Amanda Panda's easyto sing a long to album featuring Amanda Panda, Rob Duquette, Dave Gutter, and our children!

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